Andrew S. Barninger, CFP®, CDFA®

Business owners who are thinking about the future of their business need expert advice and guidance. You might have some really important questions on your mind. How much money do I need from the sale? How can I maximize the value of my business? What should I do to increase my personal wealth and income? How do I prepare my business for a successful ownership transition? My passion is helping you answer the big questions with confidence so you can achieve your ideal future.

My areas of focus:

  • Personal financial planning for business owners
  • Creating customized business transition plans
  • Helping you know how much money you need from the sale of your business
  • Minimizing taxes on business sales

My qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Finance, Economics, and Accounting from Mercyhurst University
  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® certification
  • Founder of NextPhase Business Planning

P. Alan Loss, CFP®, CExP®

After a 15-year career managing my family’s supermarket business, I became a Financial Planning Consultant in 1981, focusing on working with families, educators, and business owners. I co-founded the independent advisory firm, Personal Wealth Advisory, LLC in 2003.

I focus my passion and experience on providing a unique, client-centric approach to financial planning and decision-making. Combining my expertise and technical advisory skills with my own personal experience in managing a family-owned business, I create solutions customized to each client’s situation.

My areas of focus:

  • Personal financial planning for business owners
  • Guiding businesses through ownership changes
  • Helping owners increase the value of their business
  • Minimizing taxes on business sales

My Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Science from Cornell University
  • Certified Exit Planner™ certification
  • Over 30 years of experience in helping business owners


Our clients are small business owners who want help planning for the future transition or sale of their business. Some of these businesses are family-owned with the goal of keeping it in the family. Other clients want to sell to their co-owners, employees or to someone outside of the business. Typically, our clients have a transition timeframe of 3-10 years while others are not considering a future transition yet, but want to make informed financial and business decisions along the way.

We should talk. There is no better way for us to decide if we are a good fit for each other. We need to learn about you, your business and what you are hoping to accomplish. You need to learn about us and how a partnership with NextPhase would be beneficial for you, your business and your family.

Our clients pay a yearly planning fee that is billed semi-annually. Before we decide to work together, we will provide you with a proposal that outlines exactly what NextPhase will be doing for you and the process that we will follow. The annual fee may vary depending on the complexity of the planning, your unique situation and estimated time involved.

Our promise to you is three-fold:

  • Learn as much as we can about you, your challenges and what you want to accomplish
  • Provide customized, timely and easy-to-follow advice that answers your big questions and guides you toward success
  • Being a leader and valuable resource in your business and financial life

A productive client-advisor relationship must be a two-way street. This is a collaborative effort to help you achieve what you want, when you want it in the way you want it done. We can accomplish this only if our clients:

  • Provide us with the information that we need in a timely manner
  • Communicate with us openly and frequently
  • Are honest about what they want
  • Take action
No. We help business owners at any stage make informed decisions, grow their business and their wealth all while living an impactful life and achieving financial independence.
The work that we do for each of our clients is unique. Occasionally, we are hired to address a single issue such as calculating how much money a client needs from the sale of their business. Planning like this may last several weeks to a few months. Generally, our clients hire us on a long-term basis to help them design and implement a plan to get them where they want to go with the money they need. The duration of this type of planning depends entirely on your specific timeframe and the time required to get it all done.

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